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TELLY: MODERN LIFE IS GOODISH is currently in its third series. New episodes air on Tuesday nights at 10pm on Dave throughout September and October. Series 1 of Modern Life Is Goodish was the highest rated new-commission on the channel in 2013 and series 2 - extended to 8 epsiodes - was watched by even more people in 2014. If you miss an episode you can catch repeats on Wednesday or Saturday nights or find it on UKTV Play.

TOUR: The first leg of my latest stand-up tour, Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point* (*The Powerpoint) completed a sold out run of 51 dates. The second leg of the tour - a further 40 dates - kicks off in the autumn of 2015 and continues in January 2016. Details - and tickets - can be found here.

PRINT: The new, cheap-and-cheerful edition of Too Much Information (or Can Everyone Just Shut Up For A Moment, Some Of Us Are Trying To Think) was published on July 2nd 2015. You can buy it here.

Screen Guild (monthly night) + Straight To The Point (national tour) + Too Much Information (book) + Modern Life Is Goodish (TV series)


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A man has to make a living... and selling books, CDs, DVDs and stuff is how I make mine. See what's in the shop.

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I used to host a forum on the site, but I didn't have time to run it properly and I don't enjoy feeling like 'teacher'. But many of the people who populated it now run their own. It's The Gorum.