Social Networking Sites:

Twitter: I'm @DaveGorman.

Facebook: My page is here. I have an account on facebook that I use to administer that page... but I don't use it for anything else because all the information I share is on the page.

Youtube: I use it sporadically... here I am.

Flickr: I like having a corner of the internet that is to do with creativity but not to do with how I earn a living. And I'm into photography. While photos relating to my work sometimes crop up on my blog I tend to keep them away from flickr

I don't have a Myspace page. There have been at least two fake-mes on Myspace.

Work related:

I'm managed by Avalon. That's not this Avalon. Or this one.

I used to have a forum - which became known as The Gorum - on the site. Sadly, running a forum requires daily attention and it quickly became something I simply didn't have time for. But many of the people who populated it have continued to run their own Gorum. It's here.

Site design and hosting:

While I'm responsible for the content this version of my site was originally designed and built by Richard at TEMPLATIS. I've learnt enough to maintain it myself, but all the complicated scary stuff was put together by him. If you'd like someone to build a web site for you, I'd recommend Richard. Tell him I sent you.

My first website was designed and built by Jon Primrose of Lightheart.co.uk. Jon taught me how to update it myself and was always on hand to help me with anything that was too clever or scary. He still is. As my work has spread out so has the site and Jon undertook two or three major overhauls over the years, largely simplifying the complicated and disorganised mess that I'd turned it into. Jon's great and designs sites for loads of comedy bods nowadays and I can strongly recommend his services also.

My site is hosted by the nice people at Hey.co.uk


I used to have a news page. Over the years it became more of a blog...

So I gave in and got a blog instead.


Are You Dave Gorman? and Googlewhack Adventure book covers

A man has to make a living... and selling books, DVDs and stuff is how I make mine. See what's in the shop. (Clue: I don't actually sell any "stuff" - so it's really just books and DVDs)