Technically I suppose I was acting in Annually Retentive... but as I was playing the not-particularly-challenging role of "me", I'm not sure it counts.

But back in 2001 I did somehow end up with two acting roles. I don't know how.

In Absolutely Fabulous I appeared as a "fashion" photographer called Rimmer. The episode was set in Paris which made for a fun week. Heat magazine said I was "in fine form" and my Mum agreed. I'm not so sure.

I appear as John the Postman in the Michael Winterbottom movie, 24 Hour Party People. The film is all about the Manchester music scene and stars Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson. My appearances mostly involved me clambering on stage at the end of a punk gig and improvising a screwed up version of Louie Louie. The first time I did it the extras who were playing the crowd had no idea it was going to happen and I was more than a little nervous. Luckily for me I got to meet the real life John the Postman the day before and it was pretty obvious he couldn't sing either. So I think you'll find my tone deaf performance was method. No one ever recognises me in this. If I didn't know I was in it I wouldn't believe it was me either.

24 Hour Party People is available on DVD: here.