Museum of Curiosity

The Museum of Curiosity is a Radio 4 panel show hosted by the legendary producer of Not the Nine O'Clock News, Spitting Image, Blackadder and QI, John Lloyd

In the fourth series I joined the show as cohost and curator of the museum.

Each week there are three guests from diverse backgrounds... so there are comics as well as scientists, writers, poets, explorers, sportsmen and women etc. Entertaining experts and expert entertainers. Each guest gets to donate something to the Museum. Because it's a fictional museum it is infinite in size and scale and so can host anything at all... real or imaginary: a subatomic particle, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel... anything.

Each show sees three new exhibits added to the Museum along with a mass of background information and pub-ammo facts delivered by the QI researchers.

I was honoured to have taken on the role of the curator... a role that seems to regenerate more often than Doctor Who but which has a fine and distinguished pedigree. In the first series the curator was Bill Bailey, in the second it was Sean Lock and in the third it was Jon Richardson. I appeared as a guest in the second series (I donated the urge to press red buttons you know you shouldn't press) and in the third series I appeared as a guest curator when - thanks to an Icelandic volcano - Jon wasn't able to attend a recording. Jimmy Carr did the job in series five and Humphrey Kerr in series six.