Writing and Producing

As well as my own projects I've also written and/or produced for other people:

Kombat Opera

In 2006 I script edited several episodes of Kombat Opera - a series of 30 minute long, comic, television operas. The series was the brainchild of the composer, Richard Thomas who'd previously come up with the brilliant Jerry Springer, The Opera. The series was broadcast on BBC2 in early 2007. Pictured is John Thompson as Sir Alan Prentice, from the episode The Applicants... which might or might not be based on The Apprentice.

In 2003, I script-edited a pilot of The All New Harry Hill Show for ITV1. Harry's a ridiculously prolific writer and brilliant too... it would have been a real pleasure to have worked on the series. I have no idea if I would have been offered it... I was off travelling the world when the series was made.

In 1997 and 1999 I worked on two series with Jenny Eclair for Channel 5. First of all I was an Associate Producer on Jenny Eclair Squats. This was followed up with Jenny Eclair's Private Function where I was one of the two producers. This was a brilliant experience. I learned a great deal about producing and sat in on a lot of edits. Without it I doubt I would have been equipped to go on and produce my own series.

From 1994 to 1997 I was one of the four writers on The Mrs Merton Show. What a ridiculously giddy time that was. The show moved from a late night BBC2 slot to being a big award winning BBC1 show. The gold-standard lines that people still quote were almost always written by Caroline Aherne herself. Looking back on the situation I reckon I was a very lucky 23 year old. A brilliant way to learn a lot about writing. It's sometimes described as a "spoof chat show" but it was no such thing. It was a real chat show with a spoof host. The team won BAFTAs two years running. Best Entertainment Series in 1996 and Best Chat Show in 1997.

While we were doing Mrs Merton we also contributed a few words here or there towards Caroline's Fast Show Appearances. I occasionally get a cheque for 76p because of a Fast Show episode being repeated. I used to enjoy those cheques but inflation means that 76p no longer goes as far.

Prior to Mrs Merton I worked as a writer on a rather forgettable series called The Full Monty which had three producers who all seemed to be trying to make different styles of show. I also wrote a few bits and bobs for Steve Coogan, for example contributing material to his Royal Variety Performance as well as writing a small amount on Simon Munnery's Radio 1 show, 59 Minutes of Truth.