Are You Dave Gorman?: Book Reviews

"a warm, funny and life-enhancing book about absolutely nothing" - The Guardian

"This is one trivial piece of nonsense, and one that comes with 'recommended' stamped all over it." - FHM

"It's challengingly insubstantial, unsettlingly apolitical and unfailingly funny. Bookshops may file it in the humour or travel section, but it should come under conceptual art" - Arthur Smith in The Guardian

"This is a much better book about why boys are how they are than Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" - Jenny Colgan.

"The resultant trek takes them as far afield as the USA (where they get caught in a tornado), Israel (where they cause a security alert at the airport) and Norway (where they lose their shoes). A life-affirming tale of English eccentricity about nothing in particular apart from having a good time all the time" - William Cook in The Guardian

"The book is both an unusual travelogue and a masterpiece of whimsical pointlessness... charting humanity in all its irregular glory" - Metro

"This is a cracking adventure and one which anyone can enjoy, even if you've never met a Dave Gorman" - Chortle

"Wry, clever, spry, quixotic, an oddly touching story. Such is the charm, candour, and wit of the two writers' alternating voices, any qualms come to seem churlish: it's the very frivolousness and absurdity of Are You Dave Gorman? that makes it so boyishly likeable" - Amazon