Are You Dave Gorman? - Stageshow press quotes

"Our favourite show of 2001: Dave Gorman's factual account of his search for other guys named Dave Gorman. He heightens an elegantly simple concept to the peak of absurdity, as a drunken boast leads to obsession, betrayal, exhilarating victories, devastating setbacks and maxed-out credit cards. In a way, we are all Dave Gorman." - Time Out New York

"As the cliche puts it: what's in a name? If the name happens to be Dave Gorman, the answer is: one very funny show. Mr. Gorman is the sort of comedian who can - and does - mine laughter from reading a phone book ." - The New York Times

"... magnificent docu-comedy about his search for other Dave Gormans. The smart and genial star keeps his audiences in stitches (and at rapt attention) with a true story that's as simple and accessible as it is maddeningly addictive. Go now! " - Time Out New York

"As splendid an example of British eccentricity as has graced our shores in quite some time. The show is unmatched entertainment , delivered by a fellow who seems odd, but is impossible to dislike " - The New York Post

"For inventive and thoroughly funny comedy , head for Greenwich Village to enjoy the witty, resourceful humor of Dave Gorman" - Backstage

"To hear Gorman tell it- and he tells it well -his global quest for namesakes started with a drunken argument in a pub and escalated into something like a bet. It has won accolades in hip towns like London and Edinburgh. It's easy to see why. Gorman is a performer with huge appeal. What takes all this beyond the level of stand-up or pub humor and makes it a sort of existential tour de force , is partly the enormity of his rages ....it's all a joke, really, on the idea of identity politics. " - broadway.com

"An extremely funny solo show ... What began as a weekend goof has now evolved into an obsession, a performance art masterpiece , and - if Gorman is lucky - a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon . The thing is, Gorman is so doggedly ingratiating, and his show, Are You Dave Gorman?, is so much fun, that it's hard to do anything but yield to this foolish and unreasonable onslaught . Go to the show; laugh; and find Dave some more Gormans. The twisted, anal-retentive mind that hatched this magnificent obsession is also responsible for the detailed maps and graphs that punctuate the narrative, hilariously. The amazing thing is: this weird, audacious show works beautifully. Gorman is sharp and smart and very funny ; he's also vibrantly alive on stage, responding to audience members as if they actually are people in the same room he's in. It's terrifically entertaining. If you're looking for pure diversionary laughter-not a bad idea, these days-this is the show for you. " - nytheatre.com

"Has to be the hit of the festival . The audience becomes emotionally involved in the roller coaster ride of tracking down Dave Gormans. You could be forgiven for thinking that the novelty might wear off but the laughs continue. This is what the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is all about , showcasing an A-list comedian for all of Melbourne to watch his brilliant, funny and remarkable odyssey " - Inpress (Australia)

"Are you Dave Gorman? Because for a few brief seconds last night, I wished I was. This is clever comedy and great story telling " - Sunday Herald Sun (Australia)

"This is an absurd show. It's also strangely compelling . His rapid fire delivery of squeaky-clean comedy is a delight, with no put downs." - Herald Sun (Australia)

[the show...] "is a quiet exploration of human nature: the universe inside an anorak... so understated, eccentric and original he could be a national symbol " - The Observer

"Insane, inane and thoroughly engaging" - The Sunday Age (Australia)

" It works just brilliantly , as you become swept up in his crusade for namesakes that has now taken him halfway around the world. He builds and paces the show beautifully, engagingly unravelling the details like a master storyteller . This is an absolute winner of a show, arguably one of the funniest and most original on this years program . But importantly one that earns it's laughs at no one else's expense, and without a torrent of profanities . See, it can be done" - The Age (Australia)

"This is beyond comedy, it is a romantic quest. Bugger the Holy Grail, bugger world peace - Gorman wants to find people who share his name. Clearly he has a previously unreported form of obsessive compulsive disorder... but the show is hilariously funny and strangely stirring " -The Australian

" A great idea executed brilliantly. You will be captivated as Gorman recounts in meticulous detail his pilgrimage of id. You can take anyone to this show and they will enjoy it. 10/10 " -The Chaser (Australia)

"Dave Gorman emerged as the most discussed new comedian with his inventive and very funny show" - New York Times

"Out of this daft idea a mightily funny piece of entertainment has been born . You'll see how (and why) if (no, when) you visit his show at The Comedy Theatre. Gorman's show is literally like no other. It must be seen " - Time Out

" A brilliant example of what can happen when you take an idea and run with it. One of the funniest shows in years - an hour-long rollercoaster of comedy . The tale is fascinating and Gorman's immaculate timing and deadpan delivery mean there is scarcely a second's break in the hilarity" . - The Guardian

"Gorman prowls between slide projectors, pointer in hand, like a geography teacher possessed. But if school had been like this we'd all have done our homework " - Three Weeks

"For the third successive year, Dave Gorman, the writer-comedian, has succeeded in turning a totally original concept into a fantastic show that's part comedy, part documentary, part lecture and wholly entertaining " - Edinburgh Evening News

"On paper this might sound more like a lecture but Gorman is a consummate comic . The result is a hilarious rollercoaster. The nearest comparison is probably artist Tracey Emin, who puts her life into her work too. It certainly deserves a Perrier and probably the Turner Prize, too " - The Express

"This show catapults him into the A-list, he creates a hugely entertaining comic travelogue . Gorman has become the Bill Bryson of standup" - Scotland on Sunday

"The result, as Fringe comedy continues to veer away from straight stand-up into narrative and thematic areas, is a hoot. This is not a prank; it's a quite different kind of practical joke on a grand and glorious scale " - Financial Times

"If you're not a Dave Gorman, why should you go and see Dave Gorman? Because Dave Gorman is dead funny " - The Herald

"This may sound like an absurd premise for a show, but it's impossible not to get carried away with his ardour. Are You Dave Gorman? is a magnificent tale of obsession and adventure. No put-downs, no punch lines, no smutty stories, no bitching, no self-congratulation. If only more comedy were like this." - The Independent

" This is, quite simply, a stunning show. It's a tribute to Dave's skill that the sell-out audience become so emotionally involved. Why anyone should care how far he has to travel to meet each fellow Dave Gorman is a mystery. Yet everyone cheers and boos the pointless statistics and wishes they, too, could help in this important mission. How did we become so involved? Magic. Gorman casts a spell over the audience with his charm, wit and contagious enthusiasm for the project. But above all, this is a very funny routine with laughs coming thick and fast, and from unexpected directions. A perfect show from a consummate stand-up. Unmissable " - Comedy Star

"What starts out as a drunken bet grows into an existential odyssey and a life affirming, heart warming chapter in the history of English eccentricity . It's utterly unique" - The Independent On Sunday

"Call it a crusade. Call it crazy. Call it the perfect vehicle for a TV series. But the results - shown here in all their slideshow and tape recorded glory - make for top drawer comedy" - Metro

"This apparently flimsy premise turns out to make fantastic comedy . This is a compelling romp that effortlessly keeps the audience in it's grip" - The Scotsman

"It sounds about as funny as your neighbours holiday snaps. But it's the funniest thing on the Fringe and is packed out night after night. Audience reduced to tears" - The Sunday Herald

" Like the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on speed, Gorman supports his story with slides, overhead projections and audio recordings of his namesakes, his boarding passes and other evidence to great comic effect. His show is thoroughly engrossing throughout and I was only disappointed when the tale came to the present day and we had no more Dave Gormans" - Edinburgh Guide

"Dave Gorman has a unique brand of documentary humour . This show is achingly funny. Humane humour at its best" The Sunday Herald

" Are You Dave Gorman? is a celebration of ordinariness, but with impeccable timing which shows there really is funniness in truth. The most original act on The Fringe " Scotland on Sunday

"Gorman is becoming the Bill Bryson of stand-up: charming, whimsical, adventurous and laced with belly laughs" Saturday Times - Culture Magazine

"He turns what has the potential to be a lethally dull project into a whimsical tour de force . The sheer originality of all this makes it a delight" - The Telegraph

" It's the funniest and most absorbing show I've seen this year . A quest that's simultaneously ridiculous and enthralling . The result is a real-life detective story littered with absurdist details . Gorman's odyssey eventually assumes Homeric proportions. Every minute of the show yields some precious nugget. It's sheer delight from start to finish " - Time Out