The Dave Gorman Collection: Reviews

"It's hard to think of a more likeable lark than Dave Gorman's inane odyssey. Gorman is an affable host and spins several good yarns, but the programme is also cleverly put together, taking all the architecture of a standard documentary - graphs, statistics, video clips - and then applying it to a delectably nonsensical purpose"
The Daily Telegraph

"... but he doesn't mock those whom he finds. What makes this show work is that he remains deadpan and deadly serious throughout"
Daily Mail

"You're right, it does sound crap, but Gorman's infectious enthusiasm for meeting new people, combined with a witty, slide show format and an appealing flair for disorganisation makes this one of the freshest shows of the season"

"Depending on where you stand, The Dave Gorman Collection is either absurd docu-comedy, conceptual art, or some acute form of narcissistic psychosis. But it makes great TV"

"Absurd yet totally true, these anecdotes form a narrative which instantly grabs and holds your attention"
Time Out

"A so-simple-it-is-genius TV show"
Jockey Slut

"A great idea beautifully executed is the perfect pick-me-up"
Sunday Herald

"It's madness, yes. But Dave Gorman is clearly funny in the head. Luckily in both senses of the word"
Hot Tickets

"Twenty thousand miles later the results have been turned into this bizarre series. Entertaining and amusing. Enjoy!"
TV Times

"Just when you thought TV couldn't get any odder we now have this. It's utterly insane, pig-crazy and very very funny"
The Guardian

"An excellent series. An absolute must-see"
The Times

"It started out as a seemingly silly idea, but it's been compelling viewing. Spectacularly odd. Daft, but great fun"
The Mirror

"Enthralling and hilarious"

"Unique and hilarious. Watch and enjoy"
Time Out

"Superb, original and laugh out loud funny"

"The stand-up/presenter hybrid is usually of the least appealing variant - but Gorman pulls off the comedy lecture format with appealing semi-aggressive verve. His success is partly down to his accomplished delivery - expert timing, cutting asides - but also his missions narrative thrust. Somehow a large part of the excitement made it through to the other side of the cathode ray tube"
The Express

"The shows repetitive nature is part of it's surreal appeal. Gorman pulls it off with great anti-heroic panache"
The Observer

"A funny, quirky routine. Mundane? Bizarrely it works"
Sunday Express

"Overflowing with bright ideas"
The Independent on Sunday