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I used to have a forum on the site. But bots like forums and you can’t really host one properly without paying it daily attention. I don’t have time for that. But many of the people who populated the old forum now run their own.

It’s The Gorum.


Check out my webcam.


Due to large amounts of spam (more than 32,000 in a day as it goes) I’ve had to take my address off the site.
I know forms are boring and stuff… but you can still e-mail me here. I probably won’t see it for some time, mind, it’s a pretty inefficient way of contacting me.


I’m @davegorman


I don’t have any facebook friends but I do run a facebook page. I reply to everything I can there…which isn’t everything… but is lots. Eventually. Some people seem to get annoyed at me for not replying to everything. Please don’t. Don’t think of me as a small business with an inefficient customer-relations department. Think of me as an individual who doesn’t want to be a small business and so doesn’t employ anyone to deal with this stuff. I tend to send an alert to members of my page for the same things as I send an e-mail to my mailing list too… My facebook page is here.