What do you mean I have to read all this stuff before I send an email? I only want to send an email. Ah… sod it… I’ll just skip through all this boring text and fill in the email… after all… it’s just an email.

Hello there. A lot of the mail I get is asking me questions that are easily answered within a few mouseclicks of this page. I do keep this site really up to date. If you want to know what I’m up to, what projects I’m working on, if I’m playing live and if so, where – or anything else like that… well, you can always find out by taking a look around. That’s what the site is for after all.

I also get a lot of mail asking me if certain shows are available on DVD, as a book, a CD or whatever. I don’t have any incentive to keep things like that a secret – that’s how I make my living after all – so believe me, if it’s not mentioned in the shop it’s because it doesn’t exist. Everything that’s ever been published/released is mentioned there.

If you’re asking me to do something/be somewhere/write something/be interviewed by someone etc – basically anything that I can’t answer without looking at my diary – you really need to go through my management. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think it is… if I start putting things in my diary at the same time as they do then I end up being double booked and that leads to embarrassment.

If you’re looking to send me something – or have me send you something – my management’s postal address is on the contact page. I don’t get things very promptly so I can’t promise to respond quickly, but if there’s an SAE I’ll always do what I can.

Lots of people who write to me seem to think I’m a small business with a bunch of staffers reading and vetting my mail for me. I’m not. I don’t. I try to read everything. I no doubt miss lots. I respond when I can. I can’t always. Sorry. Sometimes I’m reading my mail in some far flung corner of the world and without the answers at my fingertips. The chances of me later going back through my mail to find things are kind of slim… I find life moves too fast for that.

Email Address:
I’m not trying to put you off emailing me… but just to be sure: if you’re emailing me to ask a question, have you searched my site for the answer first? Yes
Seriously? It’s just that 75% of the email I get is from people asking me about live dates and the answer is *always* on the Live Dates page. So, um, really… have you? Yes
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